Walking with Confidence

People walk all the time, but the fact is, most people are afraid of walking. People would tend to look at the street (literally) rather than put their heads up and look at the people who are walking along with them. Some would stare at big billboards and advertisements, take out their phones from their pockets and pretend to call someone and do other stuff while walking. These are common signs of poor self-confidence and these are all manifested in walking.

So, how can one's self-confidence be portrayed in walking? Self-confidence is one's own view about himself and his capabilities. Walking is one of the most basic human tasks and usually won't require a conscious effort, therefore, walking takes the focus off his fancy clothes and equipments and tells a lot about his personality. Walking depicts a person's ability to carry oneself in any kind of situation.

Walk Faster to Build an Image
Walking faster can improve one's self-confidence in a variety of ways. It has been found by surveys that people who walk faster are seen as important people. Walking a bit faster would make an impression that one is busy and is involved in significant tasks. It is all about making a self-image for others to see.

When walking faster to communicate a message of self-confidence, one must not overdo it to the extent of panting and looking exasperated. It's just a matter of carrying a bubbly and comfortable self.

Walk for the Benefits

Leaving a good impression through walking is a whole different thing from getting the actual benefits of walking. Image building can be temporary, but the benefits one gets from walking will last a lifetime.

Studies have shown that walking briskly would equate to burning at least five calories per minute. Another factoid- If one walks a mile, he burns 20% less calories than if he had run. This may look disappointing and may encourage one to run rather than walk but this should be taken in the context of everyday life. People usually complain about having too little time to exercise, that's why walking to our destinations whenever possible is recommended.

When one exercises regularly, he will eventually feel the benefits of exercising. He would feel more relaxed, his breathing becomes better and his muscles stronger. Exercising also makes the mind stay sharp. Walking, as a form of exercise, involves the whole body coordination and thus, it gives what people might consider as a whole body exercise. Walking also makes the mind stay sharp because through walking, oxygen is delivered more efficiently to the brain, and blood flow is improved. Maybe this is the real reason which would explain why walking faster can boost someone's self-confidence. More than building an image for other people to see, walking also makes one feel better, thus boosting his confidence.

Walking as a form of exercise not only gives multiple benefits to person's physical attributes, it also adds to one's happiness since exercising would make person release more endorphins which are "happy" hormones.

We've discussed the benefits of walking and how it improves one's self-confidence. Here are some tips on how to properly walk with a goal towards improving self-confidence:

Again, walking faster enhances the benefits of walking. One must consciously try to increase his walking speed by at least 10% until such time that he can walk at increased speeds without too much conscious effort. Walking too fast will make someone look stressed and full of negative thoughts. It implies an image of impatience and unpredictability.

Look Up!
When walking, one should not stare at the road or at the floor you must hold your head up and maintain it at eye level. This will create opportunities to make eye contact with other people. It's a non-verbal method to say "hi, how are you?"

Sway Away
When one is walking, the natural swaying of the arms should not be restricted nor enhanced. Restricting this natural motion will make someone look stiff (if not looking for the nearest comfort room) while swaying too much will look funny.

Mind Your Things

Arrange your hand-carry in such a way that they will allow you to walk comfortably. Carrying too much will cause someone to lose that much needed "snap" in walking.

Walking doesn't require much effort however; walking with confidence requires practice and devotion. Walking can deliver numerous benefits in different levels to the person especially in terms of self-confidence. Walking tall is being tall amidst all the challenges in one's life.